SE University / SE Solutions Supports Down Syndrome Indiana (DSI) – Day of Giving on March 21, 2018

SE University / SE Solutions is pleased to be a sponsor for Down Syndrome Indiana (DSI), Day of Giving on March 21, 2018 during the 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT segment.  Kelley, the cousin of SE Solutions founder, Brian Quinn, will be interviewed during this hour.  “Down Syndrome Indiana is doing great work and we are pleased to be a…read more →

Using Structural Software Successfully

How well do you trust the results of your structural analysis software?  Relying on software can save hours of design time, but using an inaccurate model can have devastating results.  Even the most experienced engineer can stand to be reminded of potential inaccuracies when using structural software, especially with the many changes made to building codes and in structural software…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Wounded Warrior Project

In January and February of 2018, SE University welcomed back Patrick Fortney, PhD, PE, SE, P.Eng, from the University of Cincinnati, to present Selecting the Appropriate Seismic System for Your Steel Project and Introduction to the Design and Cost of Steel Seismic Connections . In 2017, Patrick nominated Wounded Warrior Project ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation, and has chosen to…read more →

Resources for Wind Borne Debris Tested Assemblies

Wind-borne debris is without a doubt a very serious design consideration when approaching a storm shelter or safe room design.  In every tornado or serious wind event, there are devastating images of the effects from upturned trees, 2x4s, cars, and even large fuel tanks.  Designing for such impacts can be daunting, and present day engineering theory may not be sufficient…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Operation Hope Neighborhood Ministries

  In December 2017, Jason Pirtle, PE, from Jason Pirtle Structural Engineers, LLC, gave a talk on Tornado Shelter Design. He chose Operation Hope Neighborhood Ministries  ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation of the month. Jason shared why he chose this organization: “Operation Hope Neighborhood Ministries is a faith-based non-profit whose mission is to walk beside the hurting families in one of our…read more →

Happy Holidays from SE University

 Happy Holidays from SE University! It’s the holiday season, and we would like to take this opportunity to share information about our SEU Speaker Inspires program. This program began in 2015 as a way to “pay it forward”, enabling SE University speakers to designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE Solutions to make a donation to help improve our world.  Thanks…read more →

PT Tendon Families in Revit 2018

Are you aware of the new enhancements included in Revit 2018?  With software constantly updating and adding features, engineers often aren’t able to keep up-to-date on the newest enhancements which could reduce the time it takes to accurately model their next project. In the October 2017 SEU BIM Forum, Betsy Werra, from E.L. Werra Consulting, LLC, gave a presentation on…read more →

Post-Tensioned Concrete vs. Reinforced Concrete

Using post-tensioned concrete may seem like a daunting task for engineers who are more comfortable with traditional reinforced concrete design.  However, post-tensioned concrete certainly allows for designs that cannot be achieved with traditional mild steel reinforced concrete, and improvements in construction methods have eliminated previous problems with corrosion of the steel strands.  PT concrete can allow for thinner and longer…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: North Bay Fire Relief Fund

In November 2017, Matt Brown, SE, from Newport Structural Design, Inc., gave a talk on Validating Software Results. He chose the North Bay Fire Relief Fund ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation of the month. Matt shared why he chose to support the North Bay Fire Relief Fund: “My reason for choosing this organization is that my own house came dangerously…read more →