SE University Sessions

Tilt-Up Wall Anchorage

The design of wall anchorage in tilt-up walls has been influenced most by past failures during seismic events.  While many failures were the result of cross-grain bending in wood roof designs, many problems were found also in steel structures, where the steel lacked the necessary ductility and overstrength required during an earthquake.  How do ACI and ASCE 7 address the…read more →

2018 National Design Specification Changes

Have you reviewed the upcoming changes in the 2018 National Design Specification?  Many changes resulted from changes to other reference standards, and it is important to note their impact on future wood design. In the June 2019 SE University session, Lori Koch, PE, from American Wood Council, presented 2018 National Design Specification (NDS) Changes.  Lori outlined and explained the changes…read more →

Box Beam Design in Cold-formed Steel

Have you struggled to find a good reference for the design of built-up members in cold-formed steel? The code tends to address some assemblies used in a few applications, but often leaves the engineer to determine how design equations may need to be modified for dissimilar shapes or configurations. In the May 2019 SE University session, Roger LaBoube, PhD, PE,…read more →

CFS Stud Packs vs. HSS

Have you encountered a design where you just can’t seem to make a stud pack work sensibly without using an over the top amount of studs or having to increase the thickness?  When is it appropriate to stick with a cold-formed stud pack, and when should you consider using another option such as an HSS section? In the May 2019…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Children’s Hospital of Orange County

In April 2019, SE University welcomed Cathleen Jacinto, PE, SE, from FORSE Consulting to present Lintels for Masonry Walls.  Cathleen designated the Children’s Hospital of Orange County ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation of the month. Cathleen shared that she chose this organization because: “Children’s Hospital of Orange County is an amazing organization that has changed the lives of…read more →

Benefits of Masonry Lintels

Masonry lintels have been used throughout history and have withstood the test of time in many instances.  Why is the masonry lintel such an efficient design compared to other available materials? You might think higher strength values can be achieved using other materials, however, masonry lintels built integral with the wall can produce robust and efficient designs in most cases….read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

In May 2019, SE University welcomed Roger LaBoube, PhD, PE, from Missouri University of Science and Technology, to present Built-Up Member Design (Cold-Formed Steel).  Roger designated the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation of the month. Roger shared: “On June 7, 2003, our daughter Jennifer married Russ. The wedding was a wonderful family event and…read more →

Avoiding Problematic Vibrations

Have you been involved in the remediation of a building experiencing vibration issues?  Do you consider vibrations during your structural analysis to ensure the building occupants will feel comfortable in the structure?  ASCE 7 explicitly states that “Structural systems, and members thereof, shall be designed to have adequate stiffness to limit deflections, lateral drift, vibration, or any other deformations that…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: James Mirabal, P.E. Endowed Scholarship at the University of Texas at Austin

In March 2019, SE University welcomed Geoff Blumber and Ravi Ozarker, PE, P.Eng.,  from Hexagon PPM, to present Avoiding Vibration Issues in Your Structure.  Geoff designated the James Mirabal, P.E. Endowed Scholarship in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin ( for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation of the month. Geoff shared: “During my time at…read more →