Lintels for Masonry Walls

April 10, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Speaker: Cathleen Jacinto, SE, PE, FORSE Consulting

This SE University session will illustrate the actual behavior and load distribution of a lintel within a wall, to help engineers understand how to design this common element more effectively and efficiently. The session will include information on lintel design including the basics of arch analysis, code requirements specific to lintels, design criteria, and the various options in selecting lintels in masonry walls, and will outline specific assumptions that impact masonry walls and lintels, such as masonry strength and control joint locations.

During this SE University session, attendees will explore how the design of masonry lintels can add significant structural and architectural benefit to the wall that contractors and owners will welcome for crack and corrosion prevention. This presentation will focus on sharing practical design tips, including information on software tools that can be used to more accurately design lintels, and a more in-depth understanding of the behavior of this commonly used structural element, prevalent in many structures today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build knowledge on fundamental features of lintels for masonry walls.
  • Acquire insights on the behavior and load distribution of lintels and masonry walls with openings.
  • Discover the advantages of modeling masonry walls with finite elements.
  • Comprehend practical design tips to achieve high performance masonry lintels.

The Registration email will be sent to SEU Companies on Friday April 5th. The Handouts will be sent by Tuesday, April 9th.