American Structurepoint

The built environment is like an intricate puzzle—each piece is interconnected with all the others. American Structurepoint understands how a change to one piece will affect the entire puzzle. With American Structurepoint, you get a single point of access to the built environment in a creative, structured process—you don’t need to look anywhere else.

American Structurepoint clients get diversity of thought, practice, and experience. Since 1966, Indianapolis-based American Structurepoint has evolved its business from civil engineering to architecture, environmental design, information technology, and forensic engineering. Clients get focused expertise in virtually any discipline within the built environment, including construction administration and inspection, environmental site assessment, highway and bridge design, master planning, landscape architecture, investigative engineering, surveying, and wastewater treatment.

American Structurepoint has been a member of SE University since February, 2010.

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  • Date:Apr 2012