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Coordination Checklist for Elevator Design {SEU Resource Center}

Do you have a project with an elevator? Would you like a checklist to help you in considering the several coordination aspects that contribute to elevator design? With the help of an elevator consultant, SE University has compiled a Coordination Checklist to assist structural engineers in their coordination with architects and elevator consultants during the design phase.

From elevator clearances and loading to structural detailing, this Elevator Checklist serves as an overall starting point for your design coordination efforts.

The Checklist is divided into 4 Sections:

                                   A.  Elevator Geometry and Clearances
                                   B.  Elevator Design Loads
                                   C.  Elevator Structural Analysis
                                   D.  Elevator Structural Drawings and Detailing

Below are a few key items taken from the full Checklist:

  1. Request elevator guiderail load magnitude, directionality, and locations for the design of guiderail supports.
  2. In a traction elevator with an overhead machine room, will the building employ a structural slab or will machine beams be used to support elevator equipment?
  3. Are members supporting elevator loads designed per current ANSI/ASME regarding allowable stresses and deflections? Vertical deflection of supports for machinery beams are not to exceed L/1666 per ASME A17.1, 2007 Part 2.9.5.
  4. Is there a slab connected to the concrete or CMU shaft wall? Some contractors opt to pour the slab after the CMU or concrete shaft wall is erected.
  5. It is prudent to show assumed elevator loading and locations on construction documents. When the final elevator contractor is selected and you receive shop drawings, it will be easier to provide comments for any deviations from design loading and potential structural changes required.


SE University subscribers can visit their SEU Resource Center Account and download the full Checklist from the Innovation Hub.

If you are not an SE University subscriber, the first 50 people to email Brian Quinn will receive a copy of the Coordination Checklist at no charge.


SE Solutions would like to extend a thank you to Patrick Stacy, Project Manager at Mid-American Elevator Co., and Trina Agnello, PE, from Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, for their contributions to the Checklist.