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Continuing Education Requirements by State

Click on a state in the map below to see the continuing education requirements for that state. A summary of special requirements for approved providers, limits on recorded hours, and ethics can be found below the map. To download all of the state requirements, click on “Download The Complete PDF Guide” at the bottom of the page.

Summary of Common Special Requirements

States that limit Continuing Education earned through Recorded Hours
Illinois (SE) Nebraska* Wisconsin
Iowa New York
If provider is IACET Approved, then there is no limit on recorded hours – SE University meets this requirement
States that approve Continuing Education providers or courses
Florida Maryland New York
Indiana New Jersey North Carolina
States that have a requirement for Ethics Hours (number of hours per renewal in parentheses)
Delaware (3) Maryland (1) New Mexico (2)
District of Columbia (1) Minnesota (2) New York (1)
Florida (1) Mississippi (1) Ohio (2)
Indiana (1) Nebraska (1) Texas (1)
Louisiana (2) New Jersey (2)  Wisconsin (2)


Last Updated: 4/25/2019