SEU, a program provided by SE Solutions, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

SE Solutions has gone through the approval process to provide PDHs in those states that pre-approve providers. These special states include Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina. SEU is also approved in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Code Officials / PA Uniform Construction Code), as well as for SECB Recertification.

We record each SEU session, and make those recordings available to companies with a current SEU subscription. If you have a last minute meeting and miss the live session, or want to go back and rewatch a session, you can access the recordings through the SEU Resource Center starting the Tuesday after the live session. If you’re behind on hours for your upcoming license renewal, you can go back in our library of sessions and watch a recording to earn those PDHs.

If you attend a live session, you do not have to take a quiz to receive credit for the session, unless your state requires verified attendance (New York and Florida). We do, however, recommend that all attendees complete either the in-session attendance verification quiz, or the “challenge question” attendance verification quiz the day after the session.

Some states do require that you complete an attendance verification quiz. In all cases, when watching a live session, we do recommend that you submit your signed attendance list to us as a verification of your attendance.

If you watch a recording of one of our live sessions, then you will need to complete a quiz in order to receive your PDH form. These quizzes are accessible from the SEU Session Library, on the session page, below the recording.

We believe that one of the benefits of SEU is the ongoing nature of the program.  Rather than having to earn credits in a rush just before your license is up for renewal, you can spread these hours out over the year.

Working with the subscription model allows us the ability to offer sessions to you at a much lower per session fee.

If you do need a single session, or less than a full year subscription, contact us to discuss your options.

All Engineers in an office location are eligible to receive PDH based on the office subscription. This can be a combination of people viewing the session live or by recording. If you have engineers in a different office location, they would need to purchase their own office subscription, but would be eligible for the multi-office discount.

If you’d like to sign your company up for an SEU annual subscription, simply visit our signup form, or reach out to Lisa Willard or Brian Quinn by phone or email. You’ll have the option to pay for your subscription by Check, ACH Transfer, or Credit Card.

Subscriber Questions

The registration link and handouts are sent to the main company contact(s) on the Friday before the session, and can be forwarded to the other engineers in the office at that time. The handouts are also available in the SEU Resource Center from the session page in the SEU Session Library.

Please email with the names and email addresses you would like to receive session emails, and we will add them to the list to receive the information beginning with the following month’s session.

Please check your spam folder to see if there is an email there with a link to your quiz results and certification. If you aren’t able to find this email, please reach out to with the title of the session and the date you completed the quiz.

Live Sessions

For a live session, you can complete the attendance verification process during the session by visiting within the first 15 minutes of the session and clicking on the quiz link, or by scanning the QR Code provided on the opening slides. Simply provide the answer to each poll question as we come to them in the program, and the challenge question at the end of the session, and you will be able to download your PDH Certificate

After the session
On the day after the session, we will send a link for the attendance verification quiz to the email that was used to log in to the session. This person can then share the link to the quiz with the other engineers who attended. Be sure to upload your attendance list to the SEU Resource Center so that we can verify attendance if needed in the future.

Recorded Sessions
You can receive your PDH Certificate after viewing a recorded session by completing the 10-question quiz linked on the session page. A passing score of 70% is required in order to access a certificate.

A link to a session evaluation form can be found in the handouts email, or on the session page in the SEU Resource Center. If you are not able to locate the session evaluation for the session you are viewing, please send an email to Lisa Willard with the session title and speaker name, and she will forward the session evaluation link, or you can simply pass along your comments by email.

Live Webinar Questions

First, check your spam or junk email. If you are still unable to find the handout email, please contact and she can email them to you, or you may send a question though the Gotomeeting interface, and we can share the link to the handouts with you.

Due to COVID-19, in order to allow multiple logins per client, we have made meetings available as a webcast which can only utilize computer audio at this time.

After we have verified that you were logged in for at least 75 minutes of the session, we will send the instructions for the attendance verification quiz to the email address that was used to register for the session. If you are watching the session as a group, the person receiving the email may then share the quiz link with the other engineers who attended. 

The audio will begin once the broadcast starts at 12:30 Eastern.

First, try refreshing your browser to see if that resets the audio and/or video. If that does not work, you may need to leave the meeting and re-enter and you may try using a different browser. Also, before the session begins, you may visit to view the system requirements for Web Browser and Internet Connection to successfully attend the session.

The challenge question will be announced close to the stated end time of the session (either 1:30 pm or 2:00 pm Eastern)