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Coordination Checklist for Stair Design {SEU Resource Center}

Do you have a multistory project where you’ll be involved in the design of the stairs? Would it be helpful to have a document that could help you define the scope of your design with the architect and owner, and identify key items in the design process? With input from practicing structural engineers, SE University has compiled a Coordination Checklist for Stair Design to assist structural engineers in their coordination with architects and owners during the design phase.

This checklist serves as a starting point for your design coordination efforts related to stair design.  Included are items related to defining scope limits to stair design, load paths and connections to base structural framing, and strength and serviceability criteria.

Below are a few key items taken from the full Checklist:

  1. Confirm slab edge locations around the stair openings are consistent with architectural drawings.
  2. Coordinate fire protection requirements with the architect.  If fire protection piping is required below the stair, ensure sufficient clearance is provided.
  3. Check that stair framing or stair horizontal bracing connections do not conflict with tread support details that may be shown on architectural drawings.


SE University subscribers can visit their SEU Resource Center Account and download the full Checklist from the Innovation Hub.

If you are not an SE University subscriber, the first 25 people to email Brian Quinn will receive a copy of the Coordination Checklist at no charge.