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Creating Sloped Framing in Revit Structure

Many structures are designed with sloping roofs, and engineers have to make the decision about how to model that roof when designing the building. While for the analysis and design of the building, it may not make much difference whether the beams are modeled as flat or sloped, what about the Building Information Model? If this model is intended to be a true representation of how the building is to be constructed, then it is important for the sloped roof to be modeled as sloped, not flat.

In our March 2012 SEU BIM Forum session, Betsy Werra went through a demonstration of how to create sloped framing in a Revit Structure model. Starting with adding a floor/slab, then attaching the columns, she created the start of the sloped roof. Next, girders were added by two methods, either snapping to the columns, or using an associated workplane. Last, she added the beam system, along with the purlins.    

To see Betsy’s step-by-step demonstration of Creating Sloped Faming in Revit Structure, please watch the following video clip (a little over 5 minutes long).