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Gitomer, Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

I found this book in the Grand Rapids airport on the way back from visiting with Brian shortly after starting with SE Solutions. I don’t normally choose “self-help” books, but this one looked like a quick read, and I wanted to find out what a Yes! Attitude really was.

I devoured the book. I loved what it said about having a positive attitude, and how it made the point that people would always rather be around/work with/learn from people who are positive and excited to start the day, rather than the person who goes through life saying everything is “fine”. I’ve always tried to have a positive outlook – in college my roommate used to tease me because even when I was mad, I talked about how mad I was with a smile on my face!

I finished the book before I landed back in Los Angeles, and I immediately told Brian he should read it. I wish I could go back and find my email to Brian – I was nervous about suggesting the book, because it wasn’t a business-focused book, per se, but I suggested he give it a chance. He enjoyed it as well, and we ended up reading many, many more books by Jeffrey Gitomer!

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