10 Steps for Optimal Email Communication

Email communication has become the primary way engineers communicate with clients, contractors, and consultants.  It can become habitual to send off a hasty request or an immediate reply without careful consideration of the language used and whether the topic should be handled via email or whether a phone call may be more appropriate.  What standards do you use when deciding…read more →

Finding the Right Size HSS

How can you determine if a specific HSS section is commonly available?  Young engineers in particular may not know which sections are most commonly used in their region, and architects often require specific sizes in their drawings for architecturally exposed structural steel.  How can engineers avoid the back and forth with contractors who can’t source the sizes shown on the…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Frontline Foods

In August  2020, SE University welcomed Jamie Piercy, from PCIA, to present 7 Deadly Email Sins.  Jamie designated Frontline Foods ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Jamie shared, “In these trying times, our frontline essential workers have worked endlessly supporting our nation through this crisis. These brave individuals are the key to keeping our loved ones…read more →

Expert Tips on Reducing Fabrication Costs for HSS

HSS is often perceived to be more expensive than traditional wide flange sections.  Engineers tend to stick with tried and true designs and may not delve into the many reasons why their HSS designs rack up big bills.  Steel Tube Institute has explored the many causes of why HSS is perceived to be more expensive than wide flange shapes and…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: AfterHours Denver

In July 2020, SE University welcomed Kim Olson, PE, from Steel Tube Institute, to present What Your Fabricator Wishes You Knew About HSS.  Kim designated AfterHours Denver ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Kim shared, “AfterHours Denver hands out over 400 lunches, water, socks and communion to the hungry and hurting every week in the park…read more →

Flexible vs. Semi-Rigid vs. Rigid Diaphragms

Structural analysis of buildings has changed with the advancement of technology and the movement away from hand calculations. Now, most engineers use sophisticated software capable of handling the many shapes, varieties, and complexities of newer structures.  These software systems are able to handle the many degrees of freedom necessary to more accurately predict the behavior of diaphragms and their ability…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: JPII Healing Center

In April 2020, SE University welcomed Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE, from FORSE Consulting, to present Masonry Checklist: Reviewing Structural Drawings.  Sam designated JPII Healing Center ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Sam shared, “JPII Healing Center brings teaching, healing and equipping to bring transformation to the heart of the Christ’s church. JPII transforms lives helping people…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Operation HOPE – North County

In May 2020, SE University welcomed Allen Adams, PE, SE, from Bentley Systems, Inc. / RAM, to present Practical Strategies for the Modeling and Analysis of Diaphragms.  Allen designated Operation HOPE – North County ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. The mission of Operation HOPE – North County is to provide a safe and supporting environment…read more →

Semi-Rigid Diaphragm Properties and Their Influence on Structural Models

Calculating the exact material properties of diaphragms to include in your structural model can be a time consuming task.  Often times, structures with semi-rigid diaphragms also take longer to analyze due to the additional degrees of freedom.  Semi-rigid diaphragms can be more complex to analyze than their flexible or rigid counterparts.  However, accurate analysis results may not be so hard…read more →

How Much is That Masonry Wall?

How often do you have conversations with local contractors or masons to gain their insights and perspectives on the ins and outs of masonry construction?  While you may have a better grasp on the technical aspects of masonry design, local masons can offer their practical and reasonable advice for what makes the most economical sense when constructing a job in…read more →