Box Beam Design in Cold-formed Steel

Have you struggled to find a good reference for the design of built-up members in cold-formed steel? The code tends to address some assemblies used in a few applications, but often leaves the engineer to determine how design equations may need to be modified for dissimilar shapes or configurations.

In the May 2019 SE University session, Roger LaBoube, PhD, PE, from Missouri University of Science and Technology, presented Built-Up Member Design (Cold-Formed Steel). During the session, Roger reviewed the applicable cold-formed steel standards for framing members vs. other cold-formed applications, discussed economical solutions for stud packs, and walked through a design example of a built-up box beam that is not specifically enabled by the current design standards.

Perhaps the most anticipated topic in the session included Roger’s rationale for using AISI S100 as it can apply to a built-up box beam section. To hear Roger’s explanation and his discussion regarding the changes needed to use the applicable equations in D1.1, click on the video below:

For further clarification, the CFSEI Tech Note TN G104-14 – Welded Box-Beam Flexure Design can be purchased from the link, or it is available as a free download to CFSEI members.


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