Model Review/Steel Shop Drawing Review

Additional Articles on Model Review/Steel Shop Drawing Review

Below are two additional articles that focus on Model Review. A Model Approach. This article, authored by Chris Moor in the July 2012 Issue of Modern Steel Construction (MSC), looks at six different ways that engineers currently review shop details, from paper-based show drawings through model-only shop model review. Model Exchange and Review Live.  In this MSC article from April 2011, Jim…read more →

Suggested Reading for Model Review/Steel Shop Drawing Review

The following articles and papers are available to help you learn more about the model review process. “I’ll Volunteer to Review the Shop Drawings” by Brian Quinn, P.E. and Lisa Willard, P.E., MSC, February, 2010. – Click here. “Structural Steel Shop Drawing Review: The Present — the Future” by Michael Gustafson. Structural Engineer magazine, August 2008. * As of 4/09/2015,…read more →