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Digital Library – Part I {SEU Resource Center}

SE University is pleased to announce a new Digital Library as an addition to our growing online SEU Resource Center. This Library contains links to published technical documents including Codes, Manuals, Articles, and Design Aids to serve as a resource for structural engineers. Our goal is to provide rapid access to commonly used technical documents. The first part of the…read more →

Coordination Checklist for Stair Design {SEU Resource Center}

Do you have a multistory project where you’ll be involved in the design of the stairs? Would it be helpful to have a document that could help you define the scope of your design with the architect and owner, and identify key items in the design process? With input from practicing structural engineers, SE University has compiled a Coordination Checklist…read more →

Coordination Checklist for Elevator Design {SEU Resource Center}

Do you have a project with an elevator? Would you like a checklist to help you in considering the several coordination aspects that contribute to elevator design? With the help of an elevator consultant, SE University has compiled a Coordination Checklist to assist structural engineers in their coordination with architects and elevator consultants during the design phase. From elevator clearances and…read more →