Changes Coming to Minimum Percent Composite Recommendations

One of the most frequently misunderstood statements in the AISC Commentary is about to get a facelift.  Perhaps you have been under the impression that the Code requires a minimum of 25% for partial composite action?  Or did you believe that the Commentary suggested a minimum of 50% composite action?  Because of the confusion around the wording in the Commentary, structural engineers have been left to interpret for themselves what was intended by the AISC Committee.

In the AISC 2016 Specification, new language will be included to remedy the confusion and replace the implied recommendations that were in previous versions of the Commentary. In the October 2016 SE University session, Advanced Topics in Composite Steel Beam Design, Susan Burmeister, PE from S2B Consulting Engineers, PLLC reviewed the upcoming requirements in the Specification and and helped clarify what was intended by the Committee when designing for partial composite action.  She referenced a past article in the March 2016 Modern Steel Construction Steel Interchange where she briefly addresses the current recommendations and implications in the Commentary, as well as what to expect in the new 2016 AISC Specification.

During the SE University session, Susan also spoke on the reasoning behind the changes being made to the Specification and the Commentary.  To learn more about the intention of the new AISC requirements, the following 6.5 minute video reviews why the new Specification will focus on considering ductility rather than requiring a minimum percent composite action for steel beams.


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