Design Verification Checklist: Wind Loading {SEU Resource Center}

In the September 2015 SE University session on Clarifying Frequently Misunderstood Wind Provisions, Emily Guglielmo, SE, from Martin/Martin, Inc., provided helpful information on Wind Provisions, including key items to consider during the design process. Some of these items included proper classification of buildings (open, partially enclosed, or enclosed), proper incorporation of uplift into the design, and checks that should be made for drift.

As a complement to this session, SE University has compiled a “Design Verification Checklist: Wind Loading” to assist structural engineers in determining or checking wind loading for a given project. The one-page checklist includes fundamental wind load considerations when establishing wind load design criteria, as well as items to consider when developing or reviewing software analysis models. We hope you find this checklist a practical tool to minimize oversights in wind load determination or checking.

SE University subscribers can visit their SEU Resource Center Account and download the “Design Verification Checklist: Wind Loading” from the Innovation Hub (choose Helpful Tips and Resource Information).

If you are not an SE University subscriber, the first 25 people to email Lisa Willard will receive a copy of the “Design Verification Checklist: Wind Loading” at no charge.


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