Survey for Structural Engineering Exam – Professional Activities and Knowledge Study

Do you have an interest in providing input on the knowledge and skills that are needed for an engineer who wants to take (and pass) the Structural Engineering Exam? NCEES is making a survey available until May 1st, and they are looking for licensed engineers to participate in the survey to help update the specifications for the Structural Engineering exam.

This is not a short survey (the expected time to complete the survey is 45 minutes), but we know that some engineers may want to give their input on this topic. A description below is from the exam development engineer at NCEES.

To participate in the online survey, visit the NCEES Structural PAKS Survey. Responses must be received by May 1, 2016. Thank you for your help with this important study.


NCEES is currently seeking licensed professionals practicing structural engineering to participate in a professional activities and knowledge study, or PAKS, for the Structural Engineering exam. The results of this online survey will be used to update specifications for the exam, which is used by various U.S. states and territories for licensing purposes.

NCEES requires a cross section of licensed professional engineers practicing structural engineering—including those working in industry, consulting, the public sector, and academia—to complete an online survey. The survey will help determine the knowledge and skills required of a licensed structural engineer with 4 to 6 years of experience to practice in a manner that safeguards the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

“These studies help NCEES ensure its licensing exams remain relevant to current professional practice,” explained Director of Exam Services Tim Miller, P.E. “The value of this PAKS depends on the number of people who participate, so NCEES is eager to get a large response from professional engineers across all areas of structural engineering.”


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