PT Tendon Families in Revit 2018

Are you aware of the new enhancements included in Revit 2018?  With software constantly updating and adding features, engineers often aren’t able to keep up-to-date on the newest enhancements which could reduce the time it takes to accurately model their next project.

In the October 2017 SEU BIM Forum, Betsy Werra, from E.L. Werra Consulting, LLC, gave a presentation on Tips & Tricks in Revit Structure: Enhancements in Revit 2018.  Betsy covered many of the new changes that come with Revit 2018 including how to make use of the documentation enhancements and improvements in the rebar and steel connections.  After the session ended, a question was asked regarding the use of PT Tendons in Revit, and Betsy was able to share a resource that she has found for PT Tendon families in Revit 2018.

The first link is a blog post which explains how to use the tendons, and the second link includes the actual files to download. – Scroll to the bottom where it says Post Tension reinforcing bars tested as Adaptive Components. Please note that that these families have been created with Metric units.

Modeling PT Tendons can be quite complex, but hopefully this tool will make the process easier, and enhance the accuracy of your model.


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