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Changes to the Seismic Design of Steel Structures

James O. Malley, SE / Degenkolb Engineers
September 11, 2019
Session Details

On January 14, 1994, a M6.7 earthquake hit Southern California causing over $10 billion of damage. One of the most unexpected types of structural damage from the Northridge earthquake occurred in steel moment resisting frames. Subsequently, the SAC Steel Project investigations led to the development of a series of guidelines documents for use by practicing engineers. Many of the recommendations were incorporated into the AISC Seismic Provisions, and are now required for projects in the U.S. and widely used in many other countries throughout the world. During this session, James O. Malley from Degenkolb Engineers focused on the damage caused by the Northridge Earthquake, the response by the SAC Steel Project, and the resultant changes to the seismic design of steel structures.

Session Length: 1.5 Hours

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