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Geotechnical Considerations for Structural Engineers

Jean Louis Locsin, Ph.D., Haley & Aldrich
June 8, 2011
Session Details

Additional Speaker: Ehsan Kianirad, Ph.D., Haley & Aldrich

This session focused on geotechnical issues that affect structural engineers, including the following:

*Relevant “geotechnical” seismic design parameters that impact most building designs
*Determining the relevant “geotechnical” seismic design parameters
*Seismic Design Categories: What do they mean to your project?

Impacts of seismic considerations on design of buildings have become significant in recent years in large part due to changes in building codes. This session shed light on selected issues and parameters that play a major role in seismic code (ASCE 7) provisions for buildings. These concepts included the seismic hazards for the Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCE), site effects from soil and rock conditons, spectral acceleration coefficients, and seismic design category.

The speakers provided background on these issues, explained the process for determining the relevant parameters, and discussed effects on building designs. Case histories were used to illustrate key points.

Session Length: 1.5 hours

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