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Increasing Your Efficiency With Revit Structure: Customizing Standard Families

Betsy Werra, EIT, Werra Consulting
August 27, 2014
Session Details

In this intermediate level SEU BIM Forum session, Betsy Werra of Werra Consulting demonstrated how to take existing Revit families from the Library folder and modify them to fit office standards. Families reviewed included 2D detail components, 3D components, and annotation families. Information reviewed during the session included updating the Precast double-tee family to look more like the specifications from the precast detailer, taking a look at how the steel family parameters have changed from Revit 2013 to Revit 2014, updating system families such as the section/elevation marks, updating symbol families such as the slab direction, slab step, and weld symbol, modifying tags such as the beam/column tags, and updating the Title view information and North arrow.

Session Length: 1.0 hour

Current SE University subscribers can access the recording in their SEU Resource Center account. Please use the link below to view the session page in the SEU Session Library.