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Interoperability: Using Analysis Software with BIM Tools

Doug Fitzpatrick, P.E., Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, PLLC
July 11, 2012
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Additional Speaker: Lisa Willard, P.E., SE Solutions, LLC

Many structural engineers use analysis software in their office on an everyday basis, and have used at least one BIM tool in their office in the last 5 years. How do these two unique tools work together to help the structural engineer?

This session looked at the current state of interoperability between Structural Engineering Analysis software and popular BIM Tools. A case study reviewed how one structural engineering firm uses these tools within their firm. This included a discussion of how and what information they are able to share with Fabricators, and highlighted a project to show how they used their analysis model in the BIM process with different software.

Session Length: 1.5 hours

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