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Masonry Building Design: An Overview of Masonry Building Design Methods

Scott Walkowicz, P.E., Walkowicz Consulting Engineers
August 8, 2012
Session Details

This presentation compared analytical methods used to calculate masonry capacity in response to gravity and lateral load demand. The discussion included hand methods for both load determination and masonry design, and continued through component to multi-dimensional computer analysis. The information was developed for a building example, and addressed key aspects for total building masonry design while focusing on the benefits of modern finite element software when designing masonry structures or elements.

Issues related to special inspection of masonry construction were addressed. A brief summary on changes in the 2008 MSJC, the masonry code referenced in the 2009 IBC based codes, was presented, as were changes in the 2011 MSJC, adopted by the 2012 IBC based codes.

Session Length: 1.5 hours

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