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Serviceability for the Practicing Engineer

Emily M. Guglielmo​, SE, PE / Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers
May 12, 2021
Session Details

1.5 PDH

This SE University session will provide practical information and design examples to evaluate the serviceability performance of buildings against requirements of the IBC and ASCE 7. Included in the session will be detailed explanations and examples of applications of code provisions and standards specific to various materials, building systems, and building components. In addition, this session will discuss the ways in which the codes currently address serviceability and how future versions of the code may be adapting serviceability requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand current codified serviceability requirements.
  • Understand key serviceability concerns for various materials: steel, concrete, wood.
  • Understand and voice opinion for the future of serviceability considerations in codes and standards.

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