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Movement Joints for Masonry – Structural Edition

Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE / FORSE Consulting
August 4, 2021
Session Details

12:30 – 2:00 PM EDT
1.5 PDHs

Session Description

There are many types of masonry movement joints and strategies. This SE University webinar will investigate the movement characteristics of structural masonry wall systems, and compare the differences between movement joints in architectural veneer and in structural reinforced masonry.

During this session, Sam Rubenzer from FORSE Consulting will identify best practices for detailing movement joints to accommodate and/or restrict masonry material movement, including horizontal reinforcement options and strategies in masonry walls.

Learning Objectives:

    • Analyze the role of masonry movement joints in structural masonry walls.
    • Explore the movement properties of masonry materials and structural systems.
    • Determine the purpose of movement joints and considerations for locating them.
    • Investigate who is responsible for locating movement joints per the IBC/TMS 402/602 building code.


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