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Design Methodology and Calculations using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Systems

Mark Jarvinen, PE / Simpson Strong-Tie
July 14, 2021
Session Details

1.5 PDHs

This SE University session will present FRP design philosophy as outlined in ACI 440.2R-17, and supplemented by ACI 318-19 and ACI 562-16. The session will provide an advanced understanding of fundamental technical considerations associated with the execution of FRP strengthening computations, including strengthening limitations related to physical damage and fire endurance of FRP reinforcements.
This webinar will emphasize flexural and shear strengthening of reinforced concrete flexural members with carbon fabric, and also include information on axial design strength improvements for columns using principles of FRP confinement. Upon completion, attendees will be prepared to execute basic FRP design calculations for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn ACI 440.2R-17 / ACI 318 design philosophy.
  • Understand FRP strengthening limitations.
  • Design FRP flexural reinforcement for RC beams.
  • Design FRP shear reinforcement for RC beams.
  • Improve RC column strength with FRP confinement.

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