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Base Plates, Embeds, and Disasters, Oh My!

June 8, 2022
Session Details

1.5 Hours

Speaker: Barry Arnold, PE, SE

ARW Engineers

Whether it is a conventionally or dynamically loaded base plate, or an embed cast in a concrete or masonry wall, engineers typically rely on rules-of-thumb, real life successes and failures, guidebooks, or software to guide their design process. Although each of these has value, the engineer can quickly become frustrated trying to find information that addresses their specific situation. This presentation will cut through the myths related to base plate and embed design, exposing facts and revealing tactics to ensure the engineer is comfortable with their design and the overall performance of the base plate or embed.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the design parameters that affect the performance of base plates and embeds.
  • Identify how small changes in the design parameters can have huge impacts on the performance of, and the stresses in, anchor rods, base plates, columns, and gusset plates.
  • Define the limitations of anchor rods.

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