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“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: JPII Healing Center

Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE, FORSE Consulting

In April 2020, SE University welcomed Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE, from FORSE Consulting, to present Masonry Checklist: Reviewing Structural Drawings.  Sam designated JPII Healing Center ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month.

Sam shared, “JPII Healing Center brings teaching, healing and equipping to bring transformation to the heart of the Christ’s church. JPII transforms lives helping people set the world on fire with the love of God.”

Thank you, Sam, for helping structural engineers with your SE University session, and for your designation of JPII Healing Center as our SEU Speaker Inspires Organization of the Month!



SE University began the SEU Speaker Inspires program in 2015 as a way to “pay it forward”, enabling our speakers to designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE University to make a donation to help improve our world.