Steel Shop Drawing Review Checklist (Part III) – Coordination with Other Submittals {SEU Resource Center}

Are you reviewing steel shop drawings that interface with exterior wall support, elevators, or stairs?  Would a checklist be helpful to streamline your structural submittal review?

SE University is pleased to announce that we have compiled a Steel Shop Drawing Review Checklist to assist structural engineers in reviewing shop drawings during the construction phase. This checklist was the basis of the April 2015 SE University session presented by Cathleen Jacinto, PE, SE.

The final section of the checklist is the Coordination with Other Submittals Checklist. The full checklist consists of the following 3 sections:

  1. Steel Erection Shop Drawing Review
  2. Steel Detail Shop Drawing Review
  3. Coordination with Other Submittals

The “Coordination with Other Submittals” section of the checklist includes steel items to review that are required to support non-structural elements designed by others. Such items may include elevators, stairs, exterior walls, fall protection, etc.

SE University subscribers can visit their SEU Resource Center Account and download the full Steel Shop Drawing Review Checklist from the Innovation Hub (choose Helpful Tips and Resource Information).

If you are not an SE University subscriber, the first 25 people to email Lisa Willard will receive a copy of the Coordination with Other Submittals Checklist at no charge.


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