Structural / Architectural Coordination Checklist – Architectural Drawing Review {SEU Resource Center}

As structural engineers, do you perform architectural drawing reviews for your projects to minimize inconsistencies? Would a checklist focusing on coordination items to look for on architectural drawings be helpful?

SE University is pleased to announce that the Architectural Drawing Review section of our Structural / Architectural Coordination Checklist is now available. This Coordination Checklist aims to assist in organizing the large information exchange between architects and structural engineers. Items on this Checklist are intended to be questions to pose to architects and key points to consider when reviewing architectural drawings or models during the schematic and design phases of a project.

The final part of the coordination checklist focuses on the overall structural review of Architectural Plans, Architectural Sections, and Architectural General Notes. See the related blog posts for our first two checklists on Exterior Wall Design and Secondary Element Design.

SE University subscribers can visit their SEU Resource Center Account and download the full Structural / Architectural Coordination Checklist (includes Exterior Wall Design, Secondary Element Design, and Architectural Drawing Review) from the Innovation Hub.

If you are not an SE University subscriber, the first 25 people to email Brian Quinn will receive a copy of the Structural/Architectural Coordination Checklist – Architectural Drawing Review at no charge.

SE Solutions would like to extend a thank you to Trina Agnello, PE, from Fitzpatrick Engineering Group for her contributions to the Checklist.


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