What’s the difference? OMF vs IMF vs SMF

Are you able to quickly recall the different code requirements for Intermediate Moment Frames and Special Moment Frames?  For many engineers who don’t design in seismically active regions every day, anything beyond a standard R=3 seismic design might require some study on the current requirements for drift and strength design in moment frame construction.  However, even if seismic design requirements are second nature, there are often provisions in the Code that can be missed, even by experienced engineers.

In June 2017, Matt Mester, PE, SE from SidePlate Systems, Inc. presented Moment Frames: Design and Detailing per AISC 341 and 358 for SE University.  Matt reviewed the requirements for OMF, IMF, and SMF and when they need to be applied in accordance with AISC 341.  Matt covered which code provisions are required for various design aspects of each type of moment frame design and presented them in a side-by-side comparison as shown below.  Having these quick-reference comparisons of the type of moment frames and their various requirements can be helpful to ensure each aspect of the moment frame has been considered in your design.  Click on the slides below to print your own copy for use in your future seismic designs.


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