Wisconsin: CE Hours must be earned beginning August 1, 2012 **Updated **

**See Update Below**

Wisconsin has continuing education requirements which are effective as of January 1, 2012. Continuing Education hours must be earned beginning August 1, 2012, and 30 hours (2 of which must be in Professional Conduct and Ethics) will be required by July 31, 2014.
Engineers are not required to accrue continuing education between their initial date of licensure and the first renewal date.

The rules state that at least 13 hours must be obtained in a setting where the attendee can interact in real time with the instructor. SE University sessions should meet this requirement when sessions are attended live. Sessions viewed as a recording will not count towards this 13 hour requirement, but can be used for the remaining hours.

SE University will be going through the process to become an approved provider in Wisconsin in September 2012

Source: WI document Continuing Education For Professional Engineers.

** Update November 7, 2012 **

Paperwork was submitted for SE University to be considered as an approved provider in the state of Wisconsin. However, at the September 6, 2012 Board Meeting, it was decided that the Board will not be approving providers, and it will be the responsibility of the engineer to make sure that the sessions they attend meet the requirements for Wisconsin. 

This update means that engineers who attend SE University sessions can count their attendance towards the Continuing Education requirements for the state of Wisconsin.



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