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Model Review/Steel Shop Drawing Review

Engineers utilizing Steel Shop Drawing Review (Model Review) technology are finding they are improving the quality of their review, in addition to saving time and having more fun. Once implemented, most engineers comment how they would not want to go back to the former processes.

SE University would like to provide information to engineers who wish to learn more about the model review process.  Below you will find links to articles and videos focused on model review, as well as vendors that provide programs for model review.

If you have any questions about how to implement model review in your office, please contact Brian Quinn, P.E., at 616-546-9420 or by email at


Suggested Reading for Model Review

  1. A Model Approach by Chris Moor. Modern Steel Construction (MSC), July, 2012
  2. Model Exchange and Review Live by Jim Corsiglia, P.E., S.E., and Richard Steffens. MSC, April, 2011.
  3. I’ll Volunteer to Review the Shop Drawings by Brian Quinn, P.E. and Lisa Willard, P.E. MSC, February, 2010.
  4. “Structural Steel Shop Drawing Review: The Present — the Future” by Michael Gustafson. Structural Engineer Magazine, August 2008. * As of 4/09/2015, this link is not available *
  5. Suggestions for improving the Strucural Steel Shop Drawing Review Process (a White Paper from the Structural Engineers of Colorado).


SE University Resources on Model Review

  1. SE University Blog –  Catgegory – Model Review
  2. I’ll Volunteer to Review the Shop Drawings! SE University, April 2010 Session. This 90-minute presentation featured case studies from 2 engineers and 1 fabricator, and short presentations by Design Data and Tekla.


Vendors for Programs used in Model Review

SDS/2 Approval by Design Data.

Enhanced Submittal Review by Tekla Structures.