Structural Engineer Magazine Articles: Creating a Software Error Reduction Plan for your Office

In 2009, Brian Quinn and I were approached about writing a technology column for Structural Engineer Magazine. After an article that featured a case study of a small company using BIM proactively, we decided we wanted to write a series of articles focused on how to reduce the risk of making errors while using Structural Engineering software. In our previous…read more →

SERP Checklist

For those engineers who have read the Structural Engineer Magazine Articles on Creating a Software Error Reduction Plan for your Office, we have the following documents that you can use to help start putting together your own SERP. The SERP_Document file is meant to help you identify who in the office should participate in each step of the plan, and…read more →

Gitomer, Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

I found this book in the Grand Rapids airport on the way back from visiting with Brian shortly after starting with SE Solutions. I don’t normally choose “self-help” books, but this one looked like a quick read, and I wanted to find out what a Yes! Attitude really was. I devoured the book. I loved what it said about having…read more →

Welcome to

Welcome to! We’re excited to have you here, and we hope you learn valuable information you’re able to apply in your office. We created SE University as a Continuing Education Resource geared specifically for Structural Engineers that is focused on helping you improve your business. We provide regularly scheduled live web seminars on a wide variety of topics, to…read more →