Congratulations to Fitzpatrick Engineering Group – Finalist in the Be Inspired Awards

SE Solutions would like to offer its congratulations to SE University client Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, and SE University speaker, Doug Fitzpatrick, on their selection as a finalist in the Innovation in Structural Engineering category of the Bentley Systems Be Inspired Awards.  Doug traveled to Amsterdam this month to attend the Be Inspired conference, and present his project before a panel of judges….read more →

Rigid Diaphragms in ASCE7 Chapter 12

In several upcoming articles in Structural Engineer Magazine, we will be discussing how modeling different types of diaphragms in commercially available software may impact results. The diaphragm types that will be discussed are No Diaphragm/Flexible Diaphragm, Rigid Diaphragm, Semi-Rigid Diaphragm, and Pseudo-flexible diaphragm.   Diaphragms are used to distribute horizontal forces to lateral frames/walls in a building. The type of diaphragm that…read more →

Steel Design – Rules of Thumb

Have you ever noticed how some engineers can come up with a member size in their heads without needing to plug something into a computer? Have you had another engineer look at your design and quickly point out a different size that could be used? One seminar at previous Steel Conferences (NASCC) presented many helpful rules of thumb for steel design….read more →

Improved Collaboration Through Virtual Meetings

I love when you set out to write one thing, and end up writing something just a little bit different. When we started brainstorming for this article, we were going to be focusing on Virtual Collaboration, and how structural engineers can use document sharing (i.e. Google Docs/Cloud Applications) to share information among different members of the design team.   During a…read more →

RISA-Revit 2013 Link is Now Available

In the July 2012 SE University session – Interoperability: Using Analysis Software with BIM Tools, we mentioned that the link to use RISA Building System programs with Revit Structure 2013 would soon be available. On Thursday, July 12, RISA released their RISA-Revit link that works with Autodesk Revit Structure 2013. Version requirements are as follows: RISA-3D – Version 10.0.1 or…read more →

Structural Engineer Magazine Articles: Creating a Software Error Reduction Plan for your Office

In 2009, Brian Quinn and I were approached about writing a technology column for Structural Engineer Magazine. After an article that featured a case study of a small company using BIM proactively, we decided we wanted to write a series of articles focused on how to reduce the risk of making errors while using Structural Engineering software. In our previous…read more →

SERP Checklist

For those engineers who have read the Structural Engineer Magazine Articles on Creating a Software Error Reduction Plan for your Office, we have the following documents that you can use to help start putting together your own SERP. The SERP_Document file is meant to help you identify who in the office should participate in each step of the plan, and…read more →

Gitomer, Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

I found this book in the Grand Rapids airport on the way back from visiting with Brian shortly after starting with SE Solutions. I don’t normally choose “self-help” books, but this one looked like a quick read, and I wanted to find out what a Yes! Attitude really was. I devoured the book. I loved what it said about having…read more →

Welcome to

Welcome to! We’re excited to have you here, and we hope you learn valuable information you’re able to apply in your office. We created SE University as a Continuing Education Resource geared specifically for Structural Engineers that is focused on helping you improve your business. We provide regularly scheduled live web seminars on a wide variety of topics, to…read more →