CASE Publications Available on Updated Website, Including the Free Document CASE Guide to Special Inspections

As we mentioned in a previous blog post on the Toolkit for Ten Foundations of Risk Management, the Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) offers documents, including the toolkit articles, at no charge to its members. These documents are also available for purchase, and a discount is available to members of ACEC.

Earlier this year, ACEC and CASE updated its website, making it easier to find and select the publications that are available for download or purchase.

The CASE Publications Page includes links to the National Practice Guidelines and Toolkit Documents. From each of those pages, an abstract can be reviewed, the document can be selected for download (if logged in), or the document can be selected for purchase. Choosing to purchase the document will take you automatically to the correct page in the ACEC Bookstore, so that you don’t have to do a secondary search within the bookstore.

One document that was recently updated is the National Guidelines publication CASE 962-D – A Guideline Addressing Coordination and Completeness of Structural Construction Documents.

In addition to the Toolkit Documents and National Practice Guidelines, there are also free downloads that can be accessed from the CASE Publications Page. While some of these documents are position statements and white papers, there are 5 documents available on Special Inspections and Structural Testing, including the CASE Guide to Special Inspections.


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