Continuing Education

New MI Continuing Education Hour Requirements

In October 2013, new rules went into effect requiring Michigan Engineers to complete Continuing Education Hours (equivalent to PDHs) in order to renew their Professional Engineer License. Read the announcement from MSPE for more information. The first renewal date that will require continuing education is October 31, 2015, with continuing education hours to be earned between November 1, 2013 and October 31,…read more →

Proofreading – More Than Just Checking for Typos {Video}

Have you ever sent out an email, then realized a word is missing in the subject line? Have you written a report, and realized after the report was sent that words were misplaced or used incorrectly? Could these errors have been caught with better proofreading procedures? During the October 2013 SE University continuing education session “Improving Your Writing as a…read more →

Seismic Loading and Provisions for Industrial Buildings – Should You Use ASCE 7 Chapter 13 or Chapter 15?

In the design of industrial structures, engineers need to know whether the structure and other elements they are designing are considered structures or components under ASCE 7. Because there are different loads and design procedures for Nonbuilding Components (Chapter 13) and Nonbuilding Structures (Chapter 15), the engineer should make the determination before the loads are calculated. In an August 2012…read more →

Updated Website for Continuing Education by State

If you have questions about professional development in the states in which you are licensed, please visit our Continuing Education Requirements by State page. This page was recently updated to reflect the latest information available from the state licensing boards. We have identified states with special requirements related to session content, ethics hours required, limits on recorded hours, and/or approved…read more →

Tips for Concrete Design

If you are designing a building with concrete beams and columns, how do you determine a starting member size, or the amount of reinforcement required? While many engineers will use a spreadsheet or computer program for the final design, what simplified methods can be used to arrive at a preliminary design for a beam or column? In an article in…read more →

Be Safe Around Masonry Walls Under Construction

In the August 2013 SE University session, Scott Walkowicz, PE, from Walkowicz Consulting Engineers discussed bracing masonry walls under construction, and provided reasons why it is important for structural engineers to know about masonry bracing. One of the reasons discussed during the session is that it is important for the structural engineer to understand the issues and potential danger when…read more →

Are You Licensed in NJ? Updates to Continuing Education Requirements

In the ever changing world of continuing education requirements, New Jersey now requires that continuing education hours come from approved or exempt providers, or the individual licensee needs to submit a form and pay $10.00 to get a course approved. For more details please go to Page 1 is an application form and Page 2 goes into more detail on…read more →