“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: AfterHours Denver

In January 2021, SE University welcomed back Kim Olson, PE, from Nucor and Steel Tube Institute, to present Navigating AISC 360-16 HSS Connection Design.  Kim designated AfterHours Denver back in 2020 ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month and she has chosen to do the same in 2021. Kim shared, “AfterHours Denver hands out over 400 lunches,…read more →

Scissor Lift Loads on Deck Slabs

How many times has a contractor called you asking to put heavy equipment on your deck slab?  How confident have you been in your analysis of the deck capacity with these unexpected loads, or have you defaulted to denying these requests to save any headaches over the complex load distribution from the moving equipment? In the December 2020 SE University…read more →

New Tools for Ponding Analysis for Open Web Steel Joist Roofs

Ponding analyses can be time consuming when performing this iterative process by hand, however it is required in certain situations depending on your roof slope and drainage conditions.  The methods for ponding investigations in Appendix 2 of the AISC Specification can be limiting based on the requirements for flat roof construction and framing geometry.  Since IBC requires a minimum roof…read more →

Strategies to Address Ponding Loads

What is the best way to avoid a potentially catastrophic roof collapse due to ponding instability?  Once you have determined that ponding could be an issue for your roof design, what is the most efficient way to improve the design to ensure adequate strength and stiffness to resist ponding? In the November 2020 SE University session, Mark Denavit, PhD, PE,…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Harvest Hope

In December 2020, SE University welcomed Mike Antici, PE, from Nucor / Steel Deck Institute, to present Steel Deck Design for Concentrated and Non-Uniform Loads.  Mike designated Harvest Hope ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Mike shared that he selected Harvest Hope because it is “a local food bank providing food for South Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens –…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: World Wildlife Fund

In November 2020, SE University welcomed Mark D. Denavit, PhD, PE, from University of Tennessee – Knoxville, to present New Methods for Ponding Analysis of Open Web Steel Joist Roofs.  Mark designated World Wildlife Fund ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Mark shared, “I have a three-year-old son. We love watching nature documentaries together, especially ones by…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Doctors without Borders

In June 2020, SE University welcomed Brad Davis, PhD, SE, from Davis Structural Engineering, to present Steel Framed Floor Design for Vibration Sensitive Equipment.  Brad designated Doctors without Borders ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Doctors without Borders, or Medicins Sans Frontieres, provides medical humanitarian aid where the needs are greatest, and often go to places…read more →

“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program SE2050

In October 2020, SE University welcomed Megan Stringer, PE, SE, and Gina Kope, PE, from Holmes Structures, to present Sustaining Structures: Embodied Carbon.  Megan and Gina designated SE2050 ( for our SEU Speaker Inspires donation for the month. Megan shared, “The Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program (SE 2050) is the U.S. structural engineering profession’s response to getting to net zero…read more →

Performance Approximation in Concrete Mix Designs

What happens to a concrete mix when you add additional cement to the mix design?  Most structural engineers would surmise that you would get a bump in concrete strength, but is that the only effect on the concrete mix?  How can engineers specify a design that avoids excessive drying shrinkage?  Are you familiar with the various components in a concrete…read more →

Fly Ash, Slag, or Silica Fume?

When specifying your Concrete Mix Designs, are you aware of the cost implications of pozzolans or supplementary cementitious materials included in your mix?  Is fly ash, slag, or silica fume more costly and how much is needed to achieve a mix with the same 28 day strength? In September 2020, Otto Schwarz, PE, SE, from Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis…read more →