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Revit Structure Families…Need I Say More?

Betsy Werra, EIT, SEU BIM Forum Instructor
January 26, 2011
Session Details

This SEU BIM Forum session focused on Revit Structure Families. Families are the basic building blocks of all Revit models. Every element in a model belongs to some sort of family, and since every project is unique, it is important to understand how to create or modify these families.

This session focused on discussing the various types of Revit families, and explaining the terminology used in creating these families. Different types of Revit family resources that are available were also discussed, as well as the Family Editor enhancements that were added for 2011. A hands-on demonstration was done to show how to create and modify these families.

Session Length: 1.0 hour

Current SE University subscribers can access the recording in their SEU Resource Center account. Please use the link below to view the session page in the SEU Session Library.