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Prequalification & Code Approval of Proprietary Connections

Mary Nunneley, PE, and Connor Lester, PE
October 26, 2022
Session Details

1.5 PDHs / 0.2 IACET CEUs

As the use of structural steel moment frames in building construction become more prevalent and systems appeared to perform well in research tests and seismic events throughout the country; engineers felt confident that the issue of earthquake resilient structures had been solved. Damage to welded steel moment frames discovered after the 1994 Northridge earthquake would alter this perception and lead to a renewed study on the behavior of structural steel seismic force resisting systems.

This course will focus on the history of structural steel in buildings, what failures were observed and how the lessons learned lead to the development of a series of new standards to design and qualify structural steel systems. We will discuss the requirements of qualification and prequalification testing as prescribed by AISC 341 Chapter K. Furthermore, we will compare the process to prequalify a moment frame system for inclusion in AISC 358 to the requirements necessary to qualify as an alternative code approved braced frame system. As a real world demonstration, videos of tests meeting AISC 341 Chapter K criteria will be shown.

Leaning Objectives:

Upon attending this session, viewers will be able to:

  • Understand the history and code development of moment frame and braced frame systems in high-seismic regions.
  • Identify the various codes and white papers associated with the design and study of structural steel lateral systems.
  • Recognize the qualification and prequalification testing requirements prescribed by AISC Chapter K and how they support development of code approved proprietary systems.

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