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Moment Connections to HSS Columns; HSS Series #1

Kim Olson, PE, FORSE Consulting
January 8, 2014
Session Details

This SE University session reviewed the various types of WF to HSS moment connections that are used by engineers and the pros/cons of each type of connection. The discussion covered the various limit states involved in the commonly used connection types and provided several design examples as an additional resource on using these connections. In addition, the session addressed the use of HSS connections in seismic applications and touched on current research to enhance the use of these connections in various applications. Finally, there was a discussion of different software available to aid in the design of these HSS Moment connections. This session was presented by speaker Kim Olson, PE (FORSEConsulting), and included contributions by panelists Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE (FORSE Consulting) and Brad Fletcher, SE (Atlas Tube).

Session Length: 1.5 hours

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