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Collaboration with Revit Structure: Worksharing

Betsy Werra, EIT, SEU BIM Forum Instructor
January 25, 2012
Session Details

Collaboration means working together to achieve a goal, and Worksharing is the ability to communicate with the team effectively and efficiently to complete a task. Worksharing in Revit is the mechanism which allows for multiple users to work in the same project at the same time, while the project is contained in a single file.

This BIM Forum session demonstrated and explained how to set up and create both the central and local files in Revit when using Revit Worksharing. It also reviewed the tools that are used in Worksharing, such as borrowing worksets, making elements editable, requesting notification, visibility settings, synchronizing with Central, reloading latest changes, and relinquishing elements. Finally, we took a look at the new Worksharing features in Revit 2012.

Session Length: 1.0 hour

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