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Town Hall Session with Betsy Werra

Betsy Werra / E.L.Werra Consulting, LLC
April 17, 2020
Session Details

This SEU BIM Forum Town Hall session addressed various questions asked by SE University Clients. Previously submitted questions were reviewed and presented to the speaker, who provided an answer, then followed up on any questions related to that topic before moving on to the next question.

Questions 1 – 8 were addressed during this session:

1. What is the best way to frame sloped structural framing members?
2. What is the best method to model sloping roof steel?
3. For framing plans: How do you show building openings (such as doors, windows, etc.) while also showing the framing/header above?
4. Is it possible to edit system families (e.g. section flag)?
5. Copy/Monitor tool – How useful is that? Is it commonly used and how does it work?
6. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness and limitations of the copy/monitor tool for walls?
7. Design Options relating to structures still confuses some of us. Anything to help clarify this feature.
8. Can you please explain the View Range feature in detail (especially the Top Range)?
9. Is it possible to put a referenced callout into a larger text note? Example being “See #5/S3.2 for additional information – Typical this elevation”. So instead of having to manually fill in the #5/S3.2 can that be referenced text, so if/when the detail moves the number updates automatically.
10. Do you anticipate Revit allowing for an alternate dimension string for existing conditions? It would be useful to be able to put in ± as a prefix and (F.V.) without using the override with adding a prefix and suffix for every dimension string.

Session Length: 1.0 Hour

Current SE University subscribers can access the recording in their SEU Resource Center account. Please use the link below to view the session page in the SEU Session Library.