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Checklists for the Quality Assurance of Calculations, Design, and Drawing Production

Tom Heausler, PE, SE, Heausler Structural Engineers
April 9, 2014
Session Details

During this SE University session, Tom Heausler, PE, SE, of Heausler Structural Engineers, demonstrated how to use a collection of checklists developed for quality assurance of a structural building design. He presented checklists that can be reviewed at appropriate stages of a project, most notably near the end, in order to ensure that errors and omissions have been minimized. The presentation elaborated on the most effective use of the list, and discussed the optimum and appropriate stages and staff for its execution.

This collection of checklists has been compiled over the last 30 years from experience gained with small, medium, and very large size firms and staffs, and is applicable to structural projects of all sizes and types.

Session Length: 1.0 hour

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