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Serviceability of Concrete Slabs

Dave K. Adams, SE
February 9, 2022
Session Details

12:30 – 2:00PM EST
1.5 PDH

Speaker: Dave K. Adams, SE / BWE

Building codes identify requirements for both strength and serviceability of structures that will be used by the public, and engineers are often more familiar with strength provisions. This webinar will explore serviceability issues related to concrete slabs, conventionally-reinforced and prestressed, and provide attendees with tools that can be used in daily practice. Subjects that will be covered include a summary of elastic concrete beam theory and stress checks, the load balancing method, influence of reinforcement on cracking, controlling deflection, and understanding vibration.
Learning Objectives:
  • Calculate long-term deflection of a concrete slab.
  • Assess the influence of reinforcement on potential cracking.
  • Design prestressed tendon layout using elastic load balancing.

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