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Ethics for Structural Engineers – Lessons in Negligence & Incompetence (Parts I and II)

Dave Adams, SE; BWE
February 10, 2016
Session Details

This SE University presentation on ethics consisted of 2 one-hour sessions. During the presentation, Dave Adams, SE, from BWE, reviewed the definitions of negligence, incompetence, and standard of care, and discussed how these definitions relate to the duty of a licensed professional. He also addressed the implications of negligence and incompetence with respect to how others view an engineer’s work, using several case studies.

Topics for each session included:

Part I:

A Licensed Professional’s Duty
Examples of Negligence
Examples of Incompetence
Lessons Learned

Part II:

What the Public Expects of an Engineer
Common Reasons for Complaints
Sorting Out a Standard of Care
Battling Negligence
Battling Incompetence

Session Length: 1.0 Hour (each session)

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