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Tips & Tricks in Revit Structure – Structural Columns, Foundations, and Floors in Revit Structure 2021

Betsy Werra, E.L.Werra Consulting
March 24, 2021
Session Details

Following up on previous SEU BIM Forum sessions which focused on Walls, Trusses, Beams, and Braces, this SEU BIM Forum session will finish the structural model by focusing on Structural Columns, Foundation elements, and Floor options within Revit Structure. This session will demonstrate placing and modifying the structural columns, foundations, and floors needed to complete your foundation plans.

The webinar will start by demonstrating various ways to add vertical and slanted columns, attach and splice columns, display information for column tags and schedules, and will show examples of custom column families. Next, the session will focus on the structural foundations and how to add and modify continuous wall footings, isolated foundations, and foundation slabs, as well as how to display the proper annotation information for tags and schedules. The final section of the session will include creating structural floor types, adding cantilever offsets, providing sloping options, warping a floor for proper drainage, adding shaft openings, and tagging floor elements.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize the difference between a foundation slab and a structural floor.
Understand how to slope/warp floor elements by using various modification tools.
Identify how to display the proper annotation information for tagging structural columns, foundations, & floors.

Session Length:  1.0 Hours

Current SE University subscribers can access the recording in their SEU Resource Center account. Please use the link below to view the session page in the SEU Session Library.