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Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Tools: Download Design Guides and other Technical Documents

Are you interested in finding additional resources for the design of cold-formed steel members? The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) has a section on its website for technical documents that can be accessed by engineers looking for more information on cold-formed steel design.

On the CFSEI Design Guides page, there are a number of files that can be downloaded at no charge. In addition to the free files, there are some files that are available for purchase. Selecting one of these files will direct you to the Steel Framing Alliance (SFA) website, and its online store. Alternatively, you can visit the SFA page at the AISI Steel Store, where you can select the Manuals and Design Guides section to view the design guides that can be purchased.

CFSEI Tech Notes are another resource for cold-formed steel design. One example of a tech note that is available is W104-10: Top Track Load Distribution Members, which contains design examples for the case where in-line framing tolerances are not met.

While the listing of tech notes is accessible on the CFSEI page, the actual files are downloaded from the CFSEI Tech Notes page at the AISI Steel Store. CFSEI members can download the Tech Notes at no charge. The cost for non-members is approximately $5 per Tech Note.

Discounts may be available for SFA and CFSEI members on the above documents by logging into the Members Only section of the respective websites, and obtaining a coupon code.