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Common RFI #2: Orientation of an Asymmetric Steel Element is Not Clear

Have you ever been asked for clarification to the orientation of angles or channels on your structural drawings? Is this an example of a common RFI you have received?

SE University is compiling examples of Common Requests for Information (RFIs) sent to the Structural Engineer of Record. Following each RFI, we provide some resource information based on experience from contributing structural engineers. We hope you will find this resource information useful as you customize it to meet your specific project needs. Tips to avoid the RFI during the design phase may also be offered.

The Common RFI presented in this post is for Steel Projects.

2.  Orientation of an asymmetric steel element is not clear.

Example: You receive an RFI asking to clarify if the flanges of channel framing at the perimeter of a stair landing are intended to face inwards towards the stair.

Resource Information / Tips to avoid the RFI:

  • Provide flange orientation for single angles and channels, particularly if a certain orientation will conflict with another structural or architectural element (i.e. cladding, existing elements).
  • Indicate if angles are to be oriented LLV or LLH (long leg vertical or horizontal).
  • Check if the location of the asymmetric steel element is clear to the Contractor. Is there a dimension to the back of channel/angle, or is there a detail that shows the relationship of the back of channel/angle to a gridline?


We hope this will be a helpful resource to reference best practices within the SE community. If you would like to share an RFI and reference information you have used, please add a comment below or send an email to Cathleen Jacinto.