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Sample Drawings of a Lateral Wood System {SEU Resource Center}

Would a reference set of drawings be helpful to you as you develop the lateral shear wall system of a wood structure?

In the February 2015 SE University session, Load Transfer Through Shear Walls, Terry Malone, PE, SE*, from WoodWorks, offered sample structural plan, elevation, and detail drawings of a lateral wood system for reference. Diaphragm irregularities and vertical shear wall discontinuities are included in the structure represented in these drawings, which can be accessed in the Innovation Hub of the SEU Resource Center.

Sample Shear Wall Detail, Courtesy Terry Malone

Note that these drawings serve as an example for your reference. It is good practice to confirm that all important design information is on your project plans and details to assure that the shear walls will be built in accordance with your specific project design.

During the SE University session, Terry noted that when he developed design documents, he would separate the lateral plan and detail drawings from the gravity drawings. The purpose was to simplify and reduce review time for the engineering staff and building officials, and consolidate lateral design information for the contractor and building inspector to better assure the lateral system was built correctly. As such, only the lateral system is represented in these drawings.

The design of lateral diaphragms and shear walls is discussed in greater detail in Terry Malone’s webinars Load Transfer Through Diaphragms (January 14, 2015) and Load Transfer Through Shear Walls (February 11, 2015). SE University companies can access these sessions through their SEU Session Library in the SEU Resource Center.

We hope you find these sample drawings to be a valuable resource in developing your lateral wood design.




* Terry Malone is a licensed Structural Engineer in Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Prior to joining WoodWorks, he was a principal in consulting structural engineering firms in Washington and Oregon, conducted third-party structural plan reviews, and served as a faculty member at St. Martin’s College in Lacey, Washington. Terry has over 35 years of wood design experience and is the author of The Analysis of Irregular Shaped Structures: Diaphragms and Shear Walls, published by McGraw-Hill and ICC.